Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Corporate Sponsor!! Sweet Tempatations...

Great news - the Locavore Makeover Project has its first corporate sponsor!! Sweet Temptations, a local baker who provides scratch made baked goods and caters events locally in the Triad has agreed we are a perfect fit. The owner, Jessie Podair, is a good friend of mine and we have taught each other a lot since we have known each other - in both the baking and technology worlds! I think the project may even have a new angle here as we can try to source a few more local ingredients for her, all without compromising her high standards of quality!

Visit the Sweet Temptations website for more information about Jessie and her company. I have worked with Jessie on numerous projects and our philospohies and tastes are deliciously in tune. It will be a true pleasure for The Locavore Makeover Project to be working for this great baker/cupcake maker - couldn't resist the rhyme!

This is just the best news! We are all so excited that we need to go cook something. Make mine pumpkin cookies! Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where fresh home made baked goods were what kids got as Halloween treats?

Eat well and be well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

BIG changes at the Locavore Makeover Project!

Well, as many of you know, it's been quiet on the blog this month. Some of it has been due to my travel and some of it related to everyone being booked out in October when we started in September, but there is another bit of work that interfered as well and I would like to explain about it futher.

As some of you know I teach at a public university and, as such, my proceeding with a project such as this fell under some regulations that I was unaware of. (I am not a researcher so I don't know all the rules - my bad!) After spending much of the last month not working on the project, but trying to comply with the institutional paperwork processes, I decided it would be easier to officially disband the project in its current form and rebuild it in the future after the kinks have been worked out. So I did that today. The original Locavore Makeover Project has just died.

But, have no fear, revival is in the air! The positive responses we have gotten via e-mail and in person from everyone who hears about what we are trying to accomplish has been overwhelming and will not be ignored. The offers of help and resources from farmers, producers, educators, dietitians and chefs has been truly inspiring. And then there was Alice Waters, who told me, not once, but twice how important this work was and to never give up on it. I keep the picture of us at breakfast in my calendar to remind me of the mission "Help others build better health through stronger local and organic food economies now!"

It is my personal mission to help as many people as I can to eat fresh local foods. I want to help our family farms stay intact, to thrive and to convert to more organic and sustainable agricultural methods. I want to use taste re-education as a method of showing everyone what a delicious revolution this is. Good food that is good for our health and the health of the planet - the time has come, we can't keep handing our well being and dollars over to the multinational corporations. The change may be slow and steady but we can make a difference.

Remember consumer demand drives the food industry - that's how we ended up with the "light, sugar-free, low-fat, high fiber, fake fat, whole grain enriched, pre-cooked, frozen, microwaveable, miniaturized, over processed, artificially flavored and neon colored" fake food we have now. We can demand something different once we know what to ask for. It starts with a committment and with education.

So I need your help envisioning and creating the next step. I now know how to better structure the project so that it becomes even more of a community education resource than I had originally planned. I will add more elements to the site and make it more dynamic and interactive. I am like the project - an organic process in the making - slow and steady. Stay with me...

But, most importantly, I will be looking for an outside sponsor for the project. As soon as I can identify who that is and work out a mutually beneficial relationship I can revamp the project and I will be back with all you great friends of food. We'll be locavoring again before you know it. Write to me at with any ideas about sponsorship and let's get a fresh start on the road to great food for all!

Eat well and be well!