Thursday, October 22, 2009

Organic Foods in Denver at the ADA Conference

Sorry for the long dry spell. I went to a great session on blogging at my conference and I know I have to feed the machine regularly, but I have been overwhelmed of late with travel and catching up, and oh by the way we buy a house tomorrow. No big thing! Yikes!

Actually, we can't wait to close tomorrow as we are itching to get right over there and transplant all the winter veggies I have in pots on my back sunporch. Steve wants to sheet mulch, but needs a truck to pick up the additional compost we need to do more than just the basics. We won't get all that far with the limited amount we already have on hand. He also wants to build some sort of plastic tenting system to protect those young, seasonal plants over the winter and/or a cold frame to try to start some seedlings that will be ready to plant in the new garden by Spring. I'll let him tell you more about that as the plans coalesce.

Right now we have broccoli, yellow onions, kale, arugala, spinach, sage and a few other herbs to put in. Not a ton, but getting something in the ground will feel great. After three years of not being able to grow anything but acorns this will be so much fun! I hope to have some friends/family over to help out this weekend, weather permitting. We'll make sure to get some pictures of the laborers whenever we get started in earnest!

My talk on Organic Foods in Denver went really well. We were booked into a 5000 seat auditorium and my slides were up on three megatron screens - giant chicken pictures! Our audience was only about 600 or so, but what a venue. Suze Orman did the key note address the day before in the same space so I tried to channel her energy - ha ha! The audience was very receptive and I was pleased to be presenting such a positive message to my fellow dietitians!

Well, the dog is off to the vet next and I have to figure out what to take over to the new place tomorow. I promise we'll be getting back on track with the formal project real soon!