Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Corporate Sponsor!! Sweet Tempatations...

Great news - the Locavore Makeover Project has its first corporate sponsor!! Sweet Temptations, a local baker who provides scratch made baked goods and caters events locally in the Triad has agreed we are a perfect fit. The owner, Jessie Podair, is a good friend of mine and we have taught each other a lot since we have known each other - in both the baking and technology worlds! I think the project may even have a new angle here as we can try to source a few more local ingredients for her, all without compromising her high standards of quality!

Visit the Sweet Temptations website for more information about Jessie and her company. I have worked with Jessie on numerous projects and our philospohies and tastes are deliciously in tune. It will be a true pleasure for The Locavore Makeover Project to be working for this great baker/cupcake maker - couldn't resist the rhyme!

This is just the best news! We are all so excited that we need to go cook something. Make mine pumpkin cookies! Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where fresh home made baked goods were what kids got as Halloween treats?

Eat well and be well.

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