Friday, September 18, 2009

The Tilley's Reporting In...

Mike wanted to give you an update as to our brief visit the other night when we photographed their pantries...

We (the Tilley's) as a family are discussing our eating habits and the food choices we make and how those choices affect our bodies, hence present and future quality of health. We talked about bad food choices and some of the effects that show up from those: obesity, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and the like. In fact, there was an article in the paper in the last couple of weeks reporting on childhood obesity, it's causes and effects. Emma (their 9 year old daughter) chose that article to use as a social studies report that was turned in just this last week.

One problem I knew would happen, and we have barely started the program, is resistance to trying new things, by Emma especially. We do NOT want to get into a habit of preparing different menus for the adults and for the twins. SO we will start slowly with new dishes and keep the information flowing in our family as we learn new things about our food choices so that we will WANT to eat in a more healthy manner, not to think that we have to be giving up what we think just tastes good.


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