Monday, September 28, 2009

Report From Tammy Tilley

Tammy sent me this blog to report:

"Wow. A lot has happened since my last entry. The Edible Schoolyard ground-breaking ceremony was very interesting. I was impressed with the garden at the Children’s Museum already. Children in summer programs had worked on getting the garden started. The use of bamboo for staking running plants was interesting. Bamboo is a nuisance in my backyard, so I was glad to see an option for making it useful. We’re always looking for ways to rid ourselves of it. I got to meet Steve Tate from The Goat Lady Dairy. He talked to Kim and I about gardening and was willing to answer our questions. He will be a big help. Alice Waters was wonderful to meet. She was so excited about our project which just made me realize even more the importance of it all. I bought her book and have already started reading. It is a very practical book. Thursday was on the hot and steamy side. Cameron checked out the garden but had more fun climbing on the trees.

Mike, Cameron, and I headed to Carrboro and Chapel Hill this past weekend. I had my 20th dental school reunion and Cameron and Mike had a scout outing on Saturday night. We checked out Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. It was fascinating.

Organic was definitely the word there. I think I could have gotten plenty if I knew what to do with the food when I got it home. I did buy some granola which is delicious. I’ve shared it with the girls at the office. I also went to the local farmer’s market in Carrboro. It wasn’t as big as ours here but had plenty of fresh meat and veggies to choose from. I bought a couple of eggplants. We’ll see what I do with those. My goal is not to let anything I buy spoil before cooking it. This is a major goal. I have grown some remarkable mold in my refrigerator in the past.

Trying to be healthier,

Note: Steve Tate has offered to show us how they make their Goat Lady Granola with grains from the Lindley Mills.

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