Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Posts from the families about the start of the project!

The Tilley-Lees wrote:
We had a great time at the Scott’s meet and greet last Friday night. We got to meet Kim, Mike, and Lily. We also met our project photographer, and his wife and kids. Of course, Charlotte was as cute as a button in her cheerleading outfit and later on pirate costume. The children got along fabulously which was great since they’ll be spending a lot of time together. They were able to collect eggs from Ann-Marie and Steve’s backyard chickens. Emma and Cameron also enjoyed feeding the chickens.

The food was delicious and mostly locally purchased. I missed the dessert which I heard was great because I had to leave early. Maybe next time! You have to try the brisket recipe. The meat melted in my mouth. I can’t wait to begin shopping more at the Farmer’s Market for yummy local veggies.

We had time to discuss schedules and activities we were all interested in checking out. We are going to have a good time together and learn a lot as we go.

Ann-Marie got a peek into our cabinets and refrigerator yesterday. She didn’t know you could buy silver dollar pancakes already made and frozen so conveniently. I have a feeling we’ll be making our own and freezing them instead. She found a few out of date items. Hey, I would get around to cleaning those out some day. She needs to come back and do a more thorough evaluation. I am not allowed to clean everything out before she returns.

Better Eater In The Making,

The Richey's wrote:
So, it was with much anticipation that my family & I went to Anne Marie’s house last Friday evening. We had been told during the interviewing process that the lucky families would get to eat some brisket & other local food! And, yeah for us, we were one of the local families! So as we walked in, we were greeted by a lovely selection of food on the dining room table (lots of color!). After meeting the backyard chickens, we were told to start preparing plates for the little ones. As I began to fix plates for Lily & Charlotte, Anne-Marie’s 5 year-old daughter, Charlotte said, “I like corn on the cob, with butter and a little salt, please.” Now, here’s a girl who can tell you the vegetable she likes along with how to fix it! I thought, “Oh, goody! Can Charlotte rub off on my Lily this way?!” Right now, my Lily has a slightly limited repertoire for fruits and veggies. She likes carrots, pineapple, corn on the cob, and depending on the day, green beans. It is hit-or-miss with other fruits & veggies, though. However, my husband & I are starting to encourage Lily to try other things with what Anne-Marie calls a “no thank you bite.”

We discussed a lot of dynamic topics that evening, but one of them was the effect our food system/consumption has on the environment. This will be discussed in future blogs, I’m sure, but Anne-Marie was saying that we should also take a look at packaging before making our purchases. For example, Anne-Marie has seen brown sugar come in packages that consist of pre-measured 2oz servings. Think about the extra packaging that is used for those pre-measured servings (and then think about it in our landfills)! And how hard is it to measure ¼ cup of sugar? These are definitely things that I think we should take notice of when shopping and vote with our dollars….


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