Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inspired Followers Get Baby Chicks!

So one of the families I interviewed was farther down the path to local and organic eating than I wanted for the project, but we struck up a great new friendship! The family came by our house to take away and recycle our older worm farm. I think it has gone to one of the Guilford County School Garden Projects!! While here they also looked over our backyard chickens and became inspired to get their own. They passed the picture and this note on to me.

Hi Anne-Marie! Tim and I have been following the locavore blog and enjoying the progress. It actually looks like a lot of work for you!

We wanted to share pictures of our new chickens – Pfeffer, Flyer and Lemon Meringue. They’ve been a lot of fun for the whole family and stirred up a lot of interest from our cats!

The chicks are Red Sex-Link, a cross between a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Delaware hen. They are all girl chicks, as the boy’s are a different color, so they are easy to distinguish. They are known for their laying capabilities. Currently the chicks eat, sleep, peep and they LOVE to eat the caterpillars that we pick off our broccoli and cabbage plants.

We purchased the chicks, feed, and dishes at the Farmers Feed & Seed Store at 311 North Main Street in Kernersville. Their chicken expert is Rex.

On another note and somewhat ironically, we are looking to buy chickens to eat and wondered if you would share the names of some of the farms you buy free-range meat from.

Isn't this all great!! I think I told them about the Feed and Seed - this is where I get my chicken feed and scratch. They have all the supplies and chickens and rabbits. (Those are next on my livestock list - for the manure, not to eat!)

Regarding their questions about my meat birds: I get my chickens from John Handler, at Weatherhand Farm, he is at the Greensboro Curb Market on Saturdays. He has a Cornish Rock meat chicken that is raised in a truly free range fashion. They are beautiful birds and I have never been disappointed! He is taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys now so get your order in and have a locally raised bird on the table this year!

One of the best and most extensive websites for finding local foods all over the country is You just enter your zip code and you can find farms, community supported agriculture programs, restaurants and markets by the dozens. Please try it this week and go buy something local from someone local - no matter where you are!

Eat well and be well!
AM Locavore

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  1. Love the new look! Keep up the great work, we are really impressed here in France and await progress reports with great anticipation! bisous J