Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Farmer's Market with the Richey's September 19, 2009

Up early and off to the Greensboro Curb Market, downtown on Yanceyville St. Steve, Charlotte and I had to pick up our last Handance Farm CSA bag of the summer, extra shiitake mushrooms for dehydrating, milk, butter and potatoes. We met up with Kim and Lily Richey for their weekly shopping and to have them meet a half dozen farmers whose farms we hope to visit over the next year. Mike Richey has said that they love the market and go almost every weekend, but it has only been recently that they have started buying more than the ready-to-eat foods for breakfast they used to get.

Just this week the USDA launched a national initiative called "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food." How timely! That's exactly what we were doing - getting to know our farmers! We met Lee Tate of The Goat Lady Dairy, Bobby Bradds of Bradds Family Farm, Pat and Brian Bush of Handance Farm, Besty Lou of Betsy Lous Worms, John Handler of WeatherHand Farm and we met some friends of my buddy, June Gallagher of Calico Farms. Whew! What a great morning! We also saw bees making honey, bought some treats from Simple Kneads and tasted some of Pat's heirloom yellow cherry tomatoes. I saw a fair number of regular friends and reaffirmed what a treasure we have in downtown Greensboro!

Lily and Charlotte had a great time charming the farmers and they both got some treats for their interest. The morning was educational in that we were able to sample a few new items. The Goat Lady Dairy has a wonderful raw cow's milk hard cheese, that if I had Steve (my instant ATM) at hand, I would have bought some; next week for sure! Raw milk cheeses are legal and safe to sell and consume as long as they are aged for at least 60 days. If a raw milk cheese is unsafe you won't be able to be in a room with it, your nose won't let you consume it by accident!! (But if you are pregnant it is not advisable to consume any raw milk cheeses regardless of your nose.)

And we learned more about worms and composting from Betsy Lou. But again, I am going to let Steve tackle that blog.

John Handler only has about 10 turkeys left to pre-order for Thanksgiving so get in there soon if you want one. I can't wait for mine. I made a black truffle infused turkey last year and it was divine! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the whole year - go figure!

The Goat Lady Dairy and Rising Meadow Farm are having their 7th annual Open Farm Day on Sunday, October 4th. Rising Meadow Farm produces some great lamb and will feature fiber artistry in addition to a sheepdog demonstration and selling meat. They are open from 11am - 5pm. The Goat Lady Dairy, which is only a mile or so away will be open from 1 - 5 pm. They will feature cheeses and tours of their sustainable agricultural operations including chickens, pigs and cows, in addition to the goats. There will also be a few other local farm vendors there selling other goods, such as Bradds Family Farm meats (you have to try some of his sausage and you will become a fan for life!) Bring a cooler and leave your pets at home - they will be open rain or shine!

And lastly, I want to announce that we learned this week that The Locavore Makeover Project will be a recipient of a Quaker Oats RD Go Grant. This will help send us to the Carolina Farm Stewardship Sustainable Agriculture Conference in December and allow us pay some of our general expenses with the project. Yay!! I am so excited by the incredibly positive response we've had to the project.

My friend and mentor in sustainable ag here in Greensboro, Charlie Headington, says "Eat as if your health depended on it!" By becoming a locavore we are helping our personal health, the health of our local economy and the health of our community. Deliciousness in every way!

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  1. Great stuff Doc! Glad to see the FM in G'boro is doing so well. This has been one of the biggest joys in Europe is having places like this, even though selection can be limited (e.g. if you don't have a connection to Spain, you can forget good strawberries or really firm tomatoes)! But the meats here are awesome (some of us being a bit more CARNIvore than LOCAvore ^_^!)!!