Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And the ball is getting rolling...

I haven't written much because I had to catch up with my academic and personal life after the rally to find the families. Now I am ready to roll again.

This Friday night we are having our first official meeting of the families. I am hosting a dinner and we will discuss the blogging process, our calendars and the events that I want to propose. This is where all you fabulous followers come in, especially those of you that are local to Guilford County and surrounding counties - give us suggestions!

First, the dinner menu - for the nine grown-ups (6 with the project and 3 with the media) we will have a beef brisket from Bobby Bradds Family Farm - I use a Sara Foster recipe (Chapel Hill chef) and it is delicious. I usually get a 5 - 10 pound first cut brisket from Bobby and cook it off and store leftovers in 4 pack servings in the freezer for instant delicious dinners later. We will also have corn on the cob from the farmers market - beatuiful bi-color ears - white and yellow! And local potatoes which I am going to roast along with some gorgeous local green beans. I am making hamburgers for the kids (6 of them!) from more of Bobby's pasture raised beef. Tammy is bringing a salad and Kim a dessert and our photographer is bringing some kind of bread. We have some local Natty Green's Buckshot Amber for those that may imbide and decaf iced tea for those that don't (decaf because that's all I drink - wouldn't sleep if I had caffeine, but I would probably blog more!) And of course Homeland Creamery Whole Milk for the kids!

Regarding the schedule, I am going to see about spending one weekend (or wherever it fits) of every four which each family alone working on what they need help with most. Then one of the other weeks we will plan on rotating around to each other's houses with the whole gang. In the fourth week we will all go on a field trip. This way each family gets some time off - we do have other lives and the goal here is to implement small steady changes and make them become habits we enjoy.

The field trips I will suggest include visits to family farms to see organic/sustainable farming practices and hear from the farmers about their perspectives on the food system and agriculture. I know we will see a variety of cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and goats in addition to crops. I also want us to see cheese being made, sheep being sheared, lambs or kids (goat babies) being born, bread making, soap making (I know you can't eat it but it's still cool!), apiaries (the fancy word for bee keeping) and a winery or brewery (for the grown-up's field trip.) And I want to include the Children's Museum's Edible Schoolyard, many farmer's markets and some other artisanal food producers. Please send your suggestions our way!

So, look for more posts and photos early next week.
And so it begins...
Eat well and be well!

PS - the above pic is of Charlotte smashing NC oyster shells for the chickens, notice her sunglass safety goggles and the chicken who couldn't wait to snatch up the good salty bits! We get these shells when my brother-in-law and nephew, Addison, go oystering near Oak Island.

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  1. Well, in all honesty, Kim is bringing the dessert, but Mike is making it! It's a chocolate stout layer cake with chocolate frosting (it's my birthday month; I'll be in my mid-30s sometime in the next couple of weeks). The recipe called for coffee and stout instead of milk. So, we used Larry's Beans (Raleigh) and Natty Greene's Black Powder Imperial Stout. And (although not local, but super-special anyway), 1 lb of Ghiradelli chocolate for the frosting! Woo hoo!