Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alice Waters is in town... can you feel the buzz?

I just have to write a brief update on the Alice Waters' visit to Greensboro. Today she will be attending the Ground Breaking Ceremonies for the Edible Schoolyard at our treasured Greensboro Children's Museum. I will be there with both of the families and the kids and my own daughter, Charlotte.

We are all very excited! Alice Waters, a famous Berkeley, CA, chef and owner of the Chez Panisse Restaurant, is the president of the Chez Panisse Foundation, originators of The Edible Schoolyard program. The foundation seeks to make sure every school in the country has an operating garden space for kids to reconnect with the earth and become aware of how their food is grown and prepared.

Today's Ground Breaking is one of three events I will get to be in attendance with Alice and I am very excited. She is a foodie rock star on my planet - ha ha! I have promised my sister, Susie, that I will get her a signed copy of one of Alice's books, as I already have autographed books of my own. Hey sis, can that count as your belated birthday gift?

And stay tuned as I will report on this later, but I met another incredible Greensboro gem yesterday, Chef Reto Biaggi. I will save his story and planned work with the project for another post because he deserves his own spotlight!

Look for the first of a series of articles on The Locavore Makeover Project in this Sunday's News and Record!!

Eat well and be well!



  1. This is such a great project to read about! I'm glad that you got to meet Alice, since you couldn't go to Slow Food Nation. Did you know that Charlie is blogging?

  2. Anne Marie - We are very proud of you and so glad you are working with us at the Greensboro Children's Museum. We loved having you at the Alice Waters' events. It was an exciting weekend - to be with Alice as much as I was. In the car coming home from the Farmers Market - she told me how to make ice cream because I stink at making ice cream! Melanie