Friday, August 7, 2009

News Updates and Finding a Family - part 2

Exciting week all around! Here's the news...

First things first - one of our 3 backyard chickens laid it's first egg today! A perfect, small white egg - right in the middle of the backyard - forget the fancy nest box they have filled with straw - let's plop it here by the hose! Oh well, we couldn't be more pleased and we are honoring it and waiting a day or two for a second so that we can actually have an omelet.

On Wednesday I met with Morgan Josey-Glover from the Greensboro News and Record for a local lunch at the Lindley Filling Station restaurant. She then wrote a nice piece for GreenNotes about my project. See her blog here:

This story was picked up by the American Dietetics Association as part of their RDs in the news and they linked the story. So I heard from half a dozen very supportive dietitians across the country! I am not alone in my quest.

The current issue of the UNCG Alumni Magazine came out this week and it had a story "Where does your garden grow?" about three UNCG professors who are dedicated to improving the local food economy - I was included and there are a couple of pictures of the backyard chickens. See the story at the link:

So, quite a week all in all!! But still, no family/couple in sight. I have had some great ideas for finding them, not the least of which is stalking the corner fast food joints for regulars! More realistically I could ask some primary care physicians for help. I hesitate only slightly as I want a relatively healthy family because I don't want to be tied up with clinical outcomes - this project is about so much more than lowering someone's cholesterol. I may also work with our Greensboro Children's Museum to advertise for a family, as they are starting an Edible Schoolyard in conjunction with Alice Waters' Chez Panisse Foundation. What a great tie-in, especially if the family has children!

So, why would a family/couple want to take on my project. Well, if they don't cook at all they will be getting a year's worth of free cooking lessons from a professional. If the participants really do eat out daily then this project will, almost assuredly, save them money. When you consider that we pay a slight premium for organic foods a family who eats out may still see some savings, but the real savings are not documented as there is, as yet, no cost benefit analysis for how much eating organically can save you on medical costs later in life. We are not a preventative healthcare nation and we should be because that is where the real savings for all of us will lie.

This will be a project that can bring a family closer together and provide a legacy for their children as "remember the year we changed our life" - you don't, well don't worry it's all documented!

And lastly, we will have fun! I find such supreme joy in teaching people about how to be a success in their kitchens that you won't even know you are learning. So, people, please help me find someone to take this opportunity.

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